About Eva Imbsweiler

Eva Imbsweiler has been crafting mosaics from magazine photographs since 2011. Having made over one hundred up to this point, many have become personal gifts included in letters to friends and loved ones. Since 2016, Eva has been making larger pieces and has begun keeping a portfolio of her work. Starting from mosaic collages of fabric patterns from clothing catalogs, Eva moved on to focusing on crafting pieces made from photographs of landscape environments.

Eva’s artistic impetus grows out of her complex relationship with nature and human imposition. Being human can feel like one is separated from nature, and this separation is also reflected in a felt sense of internal fracturing. Out of a still-mysterious desire to control and celebrate these inner and outer ruptures, Eva makes mosaics in which the photographic shards are kept apart, juxtaposing the original natural scene with the effect of human artifice.

In her work, Eva brings harmony to a reimagined natural landscape. Through her artful eye and geometric patterns, she makes pieces in which our divided relationship with nature can find a home.