Harmony Collection

The Harmony Collection features pieces which show the attention we pay to the complexities in ourselves and in the world. Cultivating this divergence into an integral beauty is what they, and life, are all about.

Tourmaline with its infinite color variations resonates with the inner spectra that make us up. Nature and artifice, passion and thought, surface and depth; this interplay is continuous in us, and we must seek a harmony within ourselves of these diverse ingredients. Especially watermelon tourmaline is an intriguing stone that is said to resonate with the heart chakra and with balancing of the two sides of the brain. In the heart, it fosters the cleansing of emotional blockages, and in the mind, the balance of the two sides of the brain. The watermelon tourmaline thus exemplifies the balance we need to walk life’s path.

The Waterfall pieces are inspired by the natural force of the flowing and bubbling water, where chaos and order coexist.